icona chi siamo WHO WE ARE
Health Search was founded in 1998 as a research unit of the Italian College of General Practitioners (S.I.M.G.) based on: 1. The development of a training environment in which general practitioners (GPs) could, on a voluntary basis, receive the formation necessary for the codified description and documentation of their professional activity through the use of dedicated software (Millewin). 2. The formation of a network of GPs that includes a number of researchers representative of each geographic region in Italy in terms of patient population size. 3. The creation of a database in which the data obtained from routine clinical practice is collected for reasons outlined in section below.
icona obiettivi principali OUR OBJECTIVES
1. The development of epidemiological research 2. The collection and analysis of data 3. The improvement of quality of care
icona prospettive THE FUTURE
Health Search – IMS HEALTH LPD (Longitudinal Patient Database) aims to increase its representativeness and will persist in its commitment to increase the quality of the database and to promote scientific growth, both of which have characterised the evolution of Health Search – IMS HEALTH LPD over the years.
icona presentazioni multimediali MULTIMEDIA PRESENTATIONS
Due to the large number of network members, it is temporarily not possible to join the network at the moment. To submit your request to join the network in view of future recruitment of researchers, please write to: info@healthsearch.it
To propose research, analyses or studies using the Health Search Database - IMS HEALTH LPD Longitudinal, we invite you to read the information provided and complete the required forms.Health Search Sestese Street, 61 50141 Florence, Italy Telephone: +39 055 494900 Fax: +39 055 77931166 E-mail: info@healthsearch.it Webpage: www.healthsearch.it Cegedim Strategic Data (Contact Center) Freephone: 800.199.846 Office hours: Monday-Friday 10.30-12.30, 14.30-17.00 E-Mail: medici.thales@cegedim.comImportant: The contact details present on this page should not be used for commercial purposes. We kindly ask anyone who wishes to correspond with the company or association that owns this website or anyone requesting registration to refer to the legal notice ex art. 13 D. Lgs, 196/2003 relating to the ‘use of personal data’.